Why Us

A Refreshed Perspective on Search Marketing

Evergreen Search was founded with the maverick spirit and a lofty objective: to provide effective, long-lasting, affordable search marketing solutions for businesses.


Evergreen Search Marketing is a collaboration between close internet marketing experts – formed as an alternative to the ineffective, overpriced and nebulous search marketing(SEM) services provided today.  Our goal is to increase traffic and conversions for quality websites that demand more web visibility. Today, the search industry is filled with many companies that artificially inflate prices, profiting from consumers who lack other options.  Furthermore, the lack of clarity as to what is being done and absence of continual communication leaves consumers often feeling helpless, not knowing what is happening with their investment.

By providing a high level of communication and transparency, Evergreen is able to offer elite search marketing services.  That’s why top tier companies have entrusted us to do handle their search marketing responsibilities.  We take extreme care to make sure each client has a personalized strategy and we go the distance to ensure that communication is constant. It’s simple – top tier service for top tier clients.

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Why did we name our company Evergreen?

We’ve always been inspired by things that are fresh.  The word Evergreen means to be perennially fresh, or something enduring.  To be able to provide services that are positively enduring is something that special – because it lasts even after we’ve left our mark.  We also like to DO things that are fresh, such as support non-profit organizations like Team Rubicon with their online marketing efforts – completely free of charge.


These are a few of the companies the Evergreen Search team has worked with:




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